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How has the Real Estate Market Evolved in 2022?



The real estate industry which had been heavily impacted due to coronavirus in the previous years is now all set to boom again in the year 2022. The lack of workforce, labor, and lacking investments in organizations had resulted in the downhill progression of the real estate market in Bangalore.

The economy, as well as the real estate sector, recovered in quick order. Performance is now higher than it was before COVID-19, and employment could return to pre-COVID-19 proportions by early 2022. To several, the real estate industry may appear relatively unchanged since the outbreak. It’s not. Some marketplaces and industries may have irreversibly transformed. Some structures and other resources have become outmoded, and property management companies must now consider how they might be reconditioned. Distribution network constraints that hinder or interrupt production are another economic barrier. Fears of hyperinflation, a big financial risk, are exacerbated by labor and goods shortages. 

For its role, the real estate industry has adjusted to the altering landscape. It shifted its approach and aligned its goals and activities with emerging dynamics and consumer attitudes, all while leveraging technology. The outbreak losses did not dampen the sector’s ardor for quite a while, and the sector’s positive resurgence was reflected in the improved market and client mood. As per industry analysts, 2022 will be a watershed year for the residential and commercial sectors. The desire for new residences with better ambiance has been increasing and is projected to increase further in the months to come. It has boosted the market’s confidence in the Indian property investment sector. 

But, what is it that decides a weak or a strong real estate industry?

Real estate, like any other market, is governed by the dynamics of availability and demand. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on either side of real estate in Bangalore. On the demand and supply, future home development decreased just when it was particularly required. Both supply chain difficulties and labor limitations have hindered construction companies from adding to the much-needed overall demand. Some of these issues have been addressed, but the inventory of work remains, and there is no dearth of customer preferences. 

So, what to expect from the real estate market in 2022?

An international real estate consultant believes that 2022 will be a more secure year for the pandemic-affected residential and commercial markets. The household sector could see a 5% gain in price in 2022, per the solicitor’s ‘2022 Outlook Report.’

Asset rationalization and blended working are expected to be the dominant tendencies in the next few years, driven by rising consumption from IT/ITes enterprises and the rebonding of convenient working operators, with physical offices remaining a fixture. The domestic sector is expected to experience additional demand recovery, with strong end-user desire aided by fiscal stimulus and operator rebates ensuring vibrancy. Demand from e-commerce and third-party logistics providers will maintain the warehousing market, which was risk-averse during the outbreak, growing steadily. 

The primary recommendations of the paper include the real estate market in 2022 tendencies and fluctuations in India’s various real estate segments. 

  • The housing sector is predicted to enjoy a 5% growth in investment amount by 2022. Many demands- and supply-side concerns studied over the last years have started to impose growing pressure on real estate prices. The upswing in real estate sales is expected to continue in 2022, as possible homebuyers’ desire for larger residences, more amenities, and competitive rates will keep them intrigued in concluding deals. 
  • The collaborative business will benefit as the pandemic emphasizes the need for adaptation unlike ever before. Notwithstanding the normalization of things, the co-working industry’s catchphrase, agility, will stimulate demand for adaptable office buildings.
  • Housing costs are expected to rise in 2022 as the office sector improves and the flight-to-quality fad remains.
  • Due to the e-commerce surge, the storage industry is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 20% from 31.7 million square feet in FY 2021 to 45.9 million square feet in FY 2023. Throughout this timeframe, e-share commerce’s transaction value is predicted to climb from 31% to 36%.
  • The resilience of Indian REITs in the face of the pandemic, as well as their growing popularity among individual investors, would make it easier for other commercial real estate REITs.


The resurgence of the industry of real estate has been one of the unforeseen fantastic stories of the protracted Covid scourge. Low borrowing costs lowered excise duty during the pandemic year, and the prominence of the work-from-home mentality contributed to a K-shaped resurgence in the real estate segment. Following Covid, the desirability of the housing market as a financial asset class grew dramatically. Based on the CII-Anarock Covid-19 Sentiment Survey, around 62% of participants said it was a wise decision to purchase a home as soon as possible. As a consequence of the work-from-home and online schooling culture, buyers desired larger residences, even if it required migrating to the suburbs. 

Without a surprise, the year 2022 will be recognized as a year of positive transition in the residential real estate sector. The strong impetus in domestic markets would certainly continue until 2022 if India successfully addresses the danger of Omicron mutation spread. In accordance with the index, larger homes will be a preferable option among purchasers in 2022, as companies continue to offer working-from-home possibilities in the wake of Omicron variation worries. 

Thus according to data, search inquiries for residences with three or more bedrooms climbed by 15% year on year in 2022.  The major cities of Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad will drive an increase in the residential market in 2022.

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