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Amenities to Look Before Buying a Flat In Bangalore

Imagine spending your weekend in your gated community/apartment, where you enjoy the pool time, your kids are happily busy in the play area and your parents are having quality neighbourhood time in the open park. It’s bliss, right? That’s the importance of amenities in present residential projects.

Amenities play an important role in opting for the best quality residential real estate. In general, when speaking with respect to residential properties, amenities’ features include a swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, children play area etc., which promotes the desirability of any apartments or gatunities. They contribute best deal to the enjoyment and pleasure of homebuyers/residents. Also, there is an unavoidable and obvious connection between residential project’s infrastructure and new residents’ well being.

The constant increase in stress levels due to the busy work life resulted in an increased need for the amenities in the properties that belong to residents. Parallel with the changing work conditions; the choices for residential homes are also evolving. There are much more for homes than just a place to live. 

In fact, amenities are one of the key factors in choosing the best residential apartments, especially in Bangalore. Most of the property buyers are inclined towards the projects with more advanced and attractive amenities. 

The best residential project’s amenities focus on all age groups of people. Thus, attracting more buyers irrespective of the age groups and earning levels.

Residential amenities list varies from projects to projects Here’s a concise list of few common amenities offered for residential apartments.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Area
  • Terrace Gardens
  • Children Play Area
  • Indoor games
  • Sporting facilities like basketball, squash, cricket net, tennis courts, etc.
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Clubhouse
  • Parks
  • Wide-open spaces

Amenities and open spaces play an important role in engaging various demographics. While your children play in the kid’s play area, the elder people walk in the landscape with beautiful scenery, and others (youngsters, working professionals) spend some quality time in the gym and swimming pools on the weekend. Amenities always throw a significant advantage compared with other places. 

Buyer Satisfaction:

In this advanced and globalized era, buyer satisfaction plays a key role in selling any product. Modern home buyers are always tricky. They look for everything that a builder offers beyond the quality home. There is a tremendous increase in demand for amenities, especially in Bangalore city due to real estate. This trend is picking up more buyers from outside of the city as well. Nowadays, builders are focusing on getting the best amenities in residential projects.

Why is the demand for Amenities increasing?

As per research, there is a sudden increase in the demand for open spaces and amenities in recent times. Modern life is extremely expensive, stressful and busy. Heavy work leads to stress; sometimes, it could be anything that causes stress, like increasing pollutants. Due to these types of discomfort, people are looking for open spaces and amenities. The only solution for this problem has residential properties with wide space and good amenities.

Great amenities have the power to get all the communities together. With the addition of features that meet the people’s wants and needs, they have the great opportunity to increase their neighbourhood’s quality.

Basic Amenities:

Residents must always have access to standard and useful necessities that enable them to live with integrity and comfortably. But, utilities like running water and electricity are the basic amenities that are a must for residents. 

Nowadays, buyers are looking for open spaces and amenities while investing their money for a residence. This is one of the reasons why the developers and builders focus on amenities. 

Amenities and open spaces resolve many problems and help buyers engage in various activities. Elders make use of the garden for walks, children playing in the kid’s play area, and others can use gyms and swimming pools. 

Why are amenities and open spaces important?

Here are some of the advantages of having amenities and open spaces.

  • Enhance Property Values
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Building a Gated Community
  • Close to Nature
  • Growth in the appearance of the community

Residents have some alone time to spend in secure and safe surroundings and have some quality time with their family with amenities and open space homes.


It has become more of a necessity to every buyer. A clubhouse is a place where people meet each other. A well-equipped clubhouse having many lifestyle amenities can solve some purposes like family functions, celebrations, etc. 


Nowadays, fitness is something that everyone is concentrating on. You may not have the energy and time to regularly go to a nearby gym by considering a busy life schedule. A gym inside your house premises will be an advantage and useful for you.

Kids Play Area:

The playground serves as a bonding area for both parents and children. Choosing a residence with a kids’ playing area is becoming a priority for most of the people who want to invest in their dream house.

Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool stands for both exercise and leisure. It is one of the common and essential amenities. The swimming pool at home is a delight in many ways. 

To move around will be a difficult task with cities becoming congested. So, it is better to have amenities and open space houses. 

With changing times, we have seen changes in the decisions of real estate as well. Today, we are willing to buy not just a home but a lifestyle. The construction quality and good location, along with varied amenities, is a dream for all groups of residents. Amenities make our lives more comfortable and help residents connect. 

Open spaces and amenities for residential building make our lives a lot simpler. Having some additional amenities like tennis, basketball courts and indoor play areas really help a lot to build a bond among the residents. There are more such benefits to choosing residential homes with amenities. The number of amenities that you require is mainly based on the lifestyle that you have. 

To conclude, more amenities and open spaces lead to high cost. So, it is better to prepare yourself with the cost if you expect more amenities. From the developer’s point of view, the project’s design, planning, and execution must have to include all the required open spaces and amenities. So, when it comes to buying an apartment, ensure to have all the amenities. So, choose the best you can choose.

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