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5 Essential Documents to be Checked Before Buying a Flat

5 Essential Documents to be Checked Before Buying a Flat

Essential documents to be checked before buying a flat

Buying a flat for living is one of the most accessible residence options to live in. 

If you are planning to buy a flat in Bangalore, there are a few processes that you need to complete before that, you should check the list of documents that are important while buying a flat, and if all your records are accurate, then you can easily buy a flat.

Buying a flat reduces most of your stresses, as you have a residence of your own that you can modify as your needs and get the basic amenities with the flat itself.

So, take care of the documents to be checked before buying a flat and then live happily after that.

Content titles:

  1. Essential documents to be checked before buying a flat.
  2. List of documents needed for purchasing a flat.
  3. Plan for making a flat sale deed.
  4. Conclusion.

Essential documents to be checked before buying a flat:

#1 Sale deal documents

A sale deed beat the agenda while checking reports for your new home. The centre lawful enrolled archive goes about as proof of offer and move of the property. It is prudent to peruse the fine print and check all agreements before marking the deed. 

#2 Occupancy Certificate 

The civil experts give a Completion Certificate (CC) on the fulfilment of the undertaking. In the meantime, an Occupancy Certificate (OC) is given by a nearby government organization once a project is finished and considered fit for the home. This declaration peruses that the property has been inherent understanding with the endorsed codes and different laws, making it reasonable for inhabitance. These records are obligatory while looking for credits from banks and monetary organizations or applying for water, sterilization, and power association. 

#3 Building plan 

The building plan is another record that should be cross-checked before settling a property buy. Typically, a structured plan is supported by the neighbourhood metropolitan power. Otherwise called a site plan, this record will contain an outline of the task, hardware design, and utilities. Purchasers should guarantee that the nearby specialists have appropriately supported the creation of the structure or undertaking. Any unapproved or extra development risks being wrecked or denied inhabitance later on. 

#4 Encumbrance endorsement 

Confirm that the property doesn’t have any contribution for which a purchaser should check the encumbrance endorsement. An encumbrance testament gives proof that your property has no money related and legal liabilities. The testament can be gotten from the sub-enlistment centre’s office, where the property has been enrolled. 

#5 Mutation documents 

This document helps to recognize the proprietor of the property in government records and builds up their assessment liabilities. It is essential to be an educated homebuyer as it will assist with keeping away from legal problems later on. Purchasers are encouraged to look for help from a lawful master for verifying all archives.

List of documents needed for buying a flat:

For buying a flat, the purchaser needs to transfer every one of the reports online on the entryway before visiting the sub-enlistment centre’s office available to be purchased deed enrollment. Below are the documents that are needed check before you plan to buy a flat: 

  • All the original documents with signatures on them. 
  • Encumbrance certification. 
  • Money or demand draft/bank challan of instalment of full stamp obligation. 
  • Property card 
  • Segment 32A photograph type of executants and witnesses. 
  • Character verification of the purchaser, merchant and witnesses. 
  • PAN card
  • Power of attorney.
  • Aadhaar card. 
  • Address confirmation of the purchaser and merchant. 
  • Photo of the property’s outside. 
  • Pattadar passbook for horticultural land. 

Plan for making a flat sale deal:

For buying a flat, these are the things that are important to take care of:

Name of the deed:

The report ought to refer to which kind of deed it is. The gatherings could settle based on shared permission, what kind of deed will be ready for the record for property move. 

Gatherings to deal deed:

The deal deed ought to have the names, age and addresses of communities engaged with the exchange. The deed ought to be appropriately endorsed by every one of the gatherings. 

Depiction of the property in setting:

The property in substance ought to be plainly referenced in the deal deed. It ought to have the full description of the property, including the ID number, plot region, area, and so forth.

Deal thought condition:

A deal deed should have all the data identified with the deal sum commonly chosen by the merchant and the purchaser. It ought to unmistakably specify the sum paid for moving the property rights starting with one gathering then onto the next. 

Method of instalment and settlement ahead of time:

A deal deed ought to likewise have precise data about how a purchaser will pay the deal sum and the measure of the token, whenever paid as a development. 

Ownership status and date: The deed should refer to when the enduring property is moved to the merchant. There ought to be a notice of the actual date of ownership. 

Repayment provision:

The deal deed ought to have a reimbursement condition, which implies the dealer is at risk to bear every one of the legal charges, including local charges, power charges, water bills and any remaining charges according to the property before the deal deed is executed. 


If you are planning to buy a flat, consider the critical documents mentioned in the article above and enjoy living at your flat.


What are the important property documents?

Ans. Here is an essential checklist of property documents you need to have a look at!

  • Sale Deed.
  • RTC Extracts.
  • Khata Certificate and Extracts.
  • Mutation Register Extracts.
  • Joint Development Agreement.
  • General Power of Attorney.
  • NOC.
  • Ratification Deed.

    What to check before buying a property?

Ans. Key legal checklist for buying a property

  • Property documents checklist.
  • Verify the identity of the seller.
  • Conversion and land-use permissions.
  • Construction approvals.
  • Occupancy certificate.
  • Status of tax payment.
  • Encumbrance.
  • Physical survey and access to the property.


    What precautions should be taken before buying a flat?

Ans. Specific precautions that you must take before buying a new house are:

  1. Title Deed.
  2. Intimation Of Disapproval. 
  3. Encumbrance Certificate. 
  4. Layout Plans. 
  5. Purchase Agreement.


    What is ownership proof?

Ans. Absolute sale deed and title deed can be the ownership proof documents. The sale deed or title deed of the property is the most important document that records the actual transfer of ownership of the property.

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